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TeaTime Results – Latest News & Updates

UK 49s Teatime is one of the most popular and daily based lottery originated by the United Kingdom. Moreover, the 49s Teatime is the most famous lottery in South Africa as well. UK 49s draws take place twice a day from which the first one is Lunchtime and the other is Teatime. Here you can check all the related latest updates and news. You can get the latest teatime results of 2022 here.

DateWinning NumbersBonus
18 May 202217223335379
17 May 202215232433344804
16 May 202204102530343714
15 May 202219233033454748
14 May 202210122228303503
13 May 202220242729333725
12 May 2022281738394021
11 May 202206101417284512
10 May 202229172022398
9 May 202209102135383925
8 May 202203122234354836
7 May 202204141924314017
6 May 202201031425414409
5 May 202211172328304301
4 May 20227233337404309
3 May 202211232742484926
2 May 202204061221304711
1 May 202210141728303239

Previous Teatime Results 2022

UK 49s TeaTime Results – An Overview

There is a company known as 49s that manages the UK’s 49s events. It is based in London and the games are played there as well as in South Africa. UK49s Lotto has been in play since the early 1990s. Thus, this particular lottery is one of the most popular in South Africa and in the United Kingdom. A massive cash prize can turn around a person’s life if they win the UK49s lottery. The UK49s lottery puts players in the position of winning large prizes. During this period in time, the UK Lotto also made some important changes, such as starting to conduct lottery results on Wednesdays in February 1997.

The purpose of this national lottery was to raise money for a variety of government programs in areas like recreation, welfare, and health. Aside from these sectors, the money raised also helps to fund programs for heritage preservation, arts, and literature, as well as language revitalization in the United Kingdom.

How to Play UK49’s Teatime?

The unique aspect of UK49’s Teatime is that you can choose how many numbers you want to play. The objective of every draw is to match six numbers between 1 and 49 with a seventh ‘Booster’ number, which is chosen at random. There is only one prize for every set of numbers you pick. If you pick five numbers, you must match all five in order to win. If you pick four numbers, you must match all four in order to win. You can bet however much you want at no fixed cost. 

Moreover, you can choose what kind of prize you want to win, giving you greater control over the prize value. You also have the option of entering either the six-number draw or the seven-number draw including the Booster. As there is an additional number in the draw, the payouts are slightly lower than they would be if there were only six numbers.

Playing from South Africa

Playing 49’s Teatime in South Africa is totally different as compared to the UK. Because it is easy to find betting shops in the UK which are not available in South Africa. However, you can also play UK49’s Teatime online from around the world. But here’s how to play Teatime online from South Africa:

  • Search and choose for an online betting provider that offers 49’s Teatime bets.
  • Make your choice whether to enter the 6-number or 7-number draw.
  • You can match anywhere between one and five numbers. When you pick numbers, remember that you must match them all in order to win, and that the more numbers you select, the more you can win.
  • Pick any number between 1 and 49.
  • You may stake any amount you wish.
  • In the final step you can pay for your wager by following the instructions on the site. In the case of your first visit, you may need to make an account online.

Playing online offers many advantages. You can never lose an entry due to the fact that your numbers are stored securely in your account. In some instances, you can set up a subscription to receive prizes directly to your account, so you never miss a draw.

Prizes and Odds of Winning

Teatime uses a “pure odds” mechanic instead of a conventional lottery prize structure. Therefore, the prizes paid out directly reflect your chosen bookmaker’s odds of winning. For instance, a bet of R10 on a matching number, at odds of 6/1, would result in a prize of R60.

When you play a seven-number draw, you have a better chance of matching the Booster since it is included in the numbers you can match. Here you can find out how much you could potentially win separated by division, alongside the average odds for the six-number and seven-number draws, and how much you would win if you bet R10.

How to Win 49s Teatime? & Its Prediction.
Betting odds may vary from place to place with different bookmakers – make sure you check your bookmaker’s odds before placing a bet.

It may not be possible to predict 49s Teatime, but there are trends and patterns that can be observed in the history of the draws. You can intelligently eliminate some balls from your pool of play by identifying trends and patterns. You can reduce your odds to 7,059,052 by intelligently reducing the number of main balls to play by 5 balls. As a result, your chances of winning have increased by 50%. You will have better odds of winning the 49’s Teatime jackpot if you eliminate more than 5 balls!

How UK49s predictions work?

  • Nowadays, different communities use different schemes and heck, even software. A correct path can be found or they can make you run in circles asking you to lose only to be chasing the tail of a successful outcome.
  • A word of caution – avoid any schema of choice made by anyone, even if it is suggested by someone close to you. Calculations can sometimes work, but never copy tactics.
  • It is called blind shot when users pick their UK lottery numbers randomly. A big miss or a big hit. A lot of people take arbitrary dates, such as their birthdays, or the death date of famous people. Beware of ideas that look blissful but have no basis in reality.
  • Teatime draw (UK 49s Teatime results) will not be affected by choosing numbers from the UK 49s predictions.
  • Only selecting good numbers that others overlook is what makes it work. You will have higher odds of winning if you see even odds. 

Where to Check UK 49s Teatime Results?

You can check all the latest updates and UK 49s Teatime Results here : Bookmark this site in your computer or allow to get notifaction in your mobile. It will notify you daily whenever we update the Teatime Resutls.

Teatime Results


You may find the answer to any other questions you have about 49’s Teatime in the FAQs below.

  • When do 49’s Teatime draws take place?

Every evening, 49’s Teatime draws are held at 18:49 SAST. During certain points in the year, however, draw times may vary due to UK Daylight Saving Time.

  • What is the jackpot amount?

49’s Teatime doesn’t have a jackpot, as winnings are determined based on how much you bet. Therefore, the highest amount you could win depends on the maximum stake your chosen betting organisation allows.

  • What is the cost of entering the 49’s Teatime draw?

There is no fixed cost for 49’s Teatime draws – It totally depends upon you to determine how much you want to bet.

  • What is the difference between a six-number game and a seven-number game? 

During the 49’s Teatime draw, six main numbers, as well as an additional Booster Ball, are chosen from the same pool. A game of six numbers allows you to match your numbers only with those six main numbers. You can also use the Booster Ball if you’re playing a seven-number game. Shortening the odds of winning a prize, but reducing the value of the prize you might win in return.

  • What are the chances of matching all five digits in a draw? 

It is 150,000 to 1 that you will match all five numbers in a six-number game. When you play a seven-number game, your odds are 50,000 to 1. As bookmakers determine their own odds and payout rates, these odds may not apply to payouts on bets.