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Russia Gosloto Results

Russia Gosloto 7/49 Results Friday 5 November 2021

The Russian lottery company Stoloto announces the first result of 7/49 games at 10:30. The Russia Gosloto 7/49 Results draws of the 7/49 Russian lottery take place 5 times; including 10:30, 13:30, 15:30, 19:00, 22:30 (Moscow Time) a day (1 hour ahead than South African Standard Time SAST).

In the Gosloto 7/49 draws on Friday 5 November 2021, the following numbers were drawn:

10:30 – 31 02 39 29 14 47 22

According to the latest Gosloto 7/49 results, the jackpot stood at ру* 50 million ahead of this latest draw.
Russia Gosloto 7/49 Result Today Friday 5 November 2021 – Get the latest Russia Gosloto results for 7/49 here. Gosloto is a game that is played in the country five times every day, giving you the chance to win big prizes every day. In each drawing, more than half a million tickets are sold for the Gosloto, Russia’s top lottery.

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An Overview – Russia Gosloto 7/49

Every day, there are five chances to win in Gosloto 7/49, one of the biggest draw games in Russia. In order to win, you have to match at least two numbers, and if you miss out, you have only a few hours to wait until the next draw.
Learn how to play or predict the next draw for Russia’s popular 7×49 game Gosloto.

How to play Russia Gosloto 7/49?

Participation in the draw requires that you mark seven numbers within the range of 1-49. Russia Gosloto 7/49 is played by matching seven numbers from 1 to 49. Thus, the Lottery diagram is 7/49 (main balls + bonus balls / whole balls) meaning that there are 85,900,584 possibilities for a ticket combination. Fees for participants are 100 rubles (equal to R23 in South Africa). Gosloto Russia can be played via SMS or at a retailer if you are a Russian player. Purchase tickets for the drawing as early as 20 minutes in advance.

Take a look at the guide on how to play:

  • Select seven numbers from 1 to 49.
  • Play as many boards as you like.
  • Enter a single draw or multiple draws.
  • Pay for your entries.

Gosloto 7/49 Prizes: Here’s What You Can Win.

There are six fixed prizes in Gosloto 7/49, which can be won by matching the numbers you have selected against the winning numbers drawn.
To win the jackpot, you must match all seven numbers to win the jackpot, which is always worth at least 50 million rubles (approx. R10 million). The table below shows all the prize amounts you can win in Russia and the odds of winning in each division.

Prize Division Numbers Matched Odds of Winning Prize
1 7 85,900,584/1 Minimum ₽ 50 million
2 6 292,179/1 Minimum ₽ 75,000
3 5 4,751/1 Minimum ₽ 1,500
4 4 214/1 Minimum ₽ 175
5 3 22/1 Minimum ₽ 50
6 2 4/1 Minimum ₽ 25
The overall odds of winning are 1 in 3.8

How to Win Russia Gosloto:

You need to know how you can win and how much you can win by playing Gosloto if you are interested in playing this game. With the Gosloto, you have a chance to win a minimum jackpot of 50 million rubles, and you can also win additional prizes with 2 to 5 correct numbers.

Below is a detailed description of the prizes.

  • You can win a prize of 8,145,060 if you match six correct numbers.
  • A prize of 34,808 can be won by matching 5 correct numbers.
  • Matching 4 correct numbers can win you 3 Prizes of 733.
  • You can win 4 Prizes of 45 if you match 3 correct numbers.
  • Only 2 correct numbers are needed to win 5 of 7 prizes.

Russia Gosloto 7/49 Hot & Cold Numbers:

You can determine on the hot and cold numbers you see. But it is not hard and fast rule to win Russia Gosloto 7/49 on Friday 5 November 2021. However you will improve your chances of winning from the lottery game by paying attention to these numbers.
A complete guide to winning big prizes in Russia Gosloto 7/9 can be found by consulting the hot numbers. There are 13, 34, 4, 28, 15 in those numbers.
As the number is least prevalent, it is known as a cold number. These number are 12, 10, 26, 36, 44.
Winner of the Russian Gosloto 7/49 jackpot
Russia Gosloto 7/49 Results Friday 5 November 2021 produced a jackpot winner on Saturday, 18 October 2020. The lucky winner received pub 132 million (R26.8 million).

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