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High Calorie Meals for Breakfast

Your body needs nutrition to grow properly. Research has shown that eating a breakfast full of calories is the best way to get enough proteins, carbohydrates, and fats needed by your body to generate energy. Breakfast improves your metabolism rate, thus helping you stay active and healthy all day long. People who are always in a rush to get out of the door and do work mostly skip breakfast, which will not provide you with anything good. Skipping breakfast increases your hunger, and you can face health problems like migraines, tiredness, and a loss of focus at work. It also affects your weight management.

The benefits of having breakfast will impact your body positively, by improving your heart health, brain capability, muscle development, etc.

The important key point to be noted here is that you should not only eat breakfast, your breakfast must contain carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and vitamins. If your breakfast meal is not capable of providing you with such nutrition, your health will slowly deteriorate due to aninsufficient supply of essential nutrients. Here, in this article, we make it easier for you to look for such high-calorie breakfast meals that are not only delicious but also packed essential nutrients.

  1. Cheese Omelette and Sausages:

Cheese is loved by almost everyone, and they have a chance to add it to every meal they take. A Cheese omelette with sausage is not only nutritionally soung but also full of taste. Cheese contains calcium and is full of fats that improve your bone health and helps with weight management. Moreover, eggs are a great source of proteins. This nutritional breakfast is easy to cook.


Sausages, cheese slices,a pinch of salt and black pepper, milk, eggs, cooking oil, and butter.

  1. Cut the sausages into a square shape .
  2. Take a bowl and crack the eggs into it. Add a pinch of salt, black pepper, and milk. Mix them well with the help of a fork.
  3. Heat the oil in a frying pan. When the oil is hot, add the sausages and fry them for almost 2 minutes.
  4. Add the butter to sausages.
  5. Now add the egg mixture and place the cheese slice on it.
  6. Fold the egg in half and serve the dish.
  7. Enjoy your healthy, high-calorie breakfast.

Cheese Omelette and Sausages

  1. Fruits and Nuts Yogurt:

Who will not be well aware of the nutrition provided by fruits. Fruits are blended with all the multivitamins and fibers. They not only boost your body’s energy but also supply your body with all the vitamins that improve your health. Yogurt is good for your digestive system and helps you get fat. Nuts supply proteins and fats to your body, improves the circulation of blood, reduce the risk of heart attack, and regulate blood pressure. A Fruit and nut yogurt combo is the best nutritional breakfast. It not only provides you with calories but also supplies your taste bud with an amazing mixture of sweet and sour flavours.


Fruits, yogurt, full dairy cream.

  1. Take a bowl and mix the yogurt and cream in it. Stir it for some time till the mixture gets smooth.
  2. Add the fruits and nuts.
  3. Your fruit and nut salad is ready. Enjoy this creamy, healthy breakfast.

Fruits and Nuts Yogurt


  1. Avocado Egg Sandwich:

Avocado is a great and tasty fruit found in almost all countries. People who like to eat sandwiches must give it a try as it is full of flavours. Avocado contains potassium and fibers also regulate cholesterol level and improves heart health and eyesight. It is a hard and healthy breakfast that will not let your belly feel hungry for almost 4 hours. You can also add more veggies and flavours to enhance its taste.


Bread, avocado, salt, black pepper, egg, onions, and jalapeno.

  1. Take the bread and toast it until the bread turns light brown.
  2. Cut the avocado into large, thick pieces and put it on bread.
  3. Add the flavors.
  4. Fry the eggs and increase your sandwich flavoring with the half-fried egg.
  5. Enhance the taste with onions and jalapenos.
  6. Enjoy your breakfast with an avocado egg sandwich.

Avocado Egg Sandwich

  1. Pancake with Raspberry Jelly Toppings:

Pancakes are a common breakfast in most European and Asian countries since they are easy to make and contain a lot of calories. The Raspberry Jelly topping has sugar, which is a good source of energy to gain weight.


All purpose flour, an egg, pinch of baking powder, and salt.

  1. Take a bowl and mix the few ingredients that include egg, oil, milk, sugar, a pinch of salt, and all purpose flour. Mix them well to make them smoother.
  2. Grease the pan with oil and place it on a low flame.
  3. Flip to the other side if one is a little brown.
  4. Add the Raspberry jelly topping and get your sweet and mouthwatery breakfast done in no time.

Pancake with Raspberry Jelly Toppings

  1. Sandwich with Peanut Butter:

Peanut butter is sweet as well as loaded with most multivitamins including vitamins E, B6, and iron. Due to the lack of nutrition in our food, iron deficiency has become so common that we feel dizzy and tired all day. Peanut butter is a good source of iron and is rich in calories, and also helps in weight development.


  • Take two slices of whole grain bread. Spread the peanut butter evenly on the whole loaf of bread. Enjoy your quick homemade peanut butter sandwiches.

Sandwich with Peanut Butter

  1. Mango Shakes:

Most people do not feel like eating a heavy breakfast and prefer shakes, which are also a good choice. As Milkshakes are also rich in calories and calcium. They also help to fulfill the deficiency of fats and carbohydrates with several vitamins. Mango shake is loved by people all over the world, and it is super good for heart health. It is so easy to make.


Mangoes, milk, dairy cream, sugar.

  1. Peel a mango and cut it into small pieces. Take a blender and add full-fat milk, mango slices, sugar, and an ice cube.
  2. Blend it to make it smooth. You can also add further sweets according to your choice.
  3. Enhance it with toppings such as whipped cream and enjoy your mango shake.

Mango Shakes

  1. Banana Cream Oats:

Oats are a heavy and nutritional breakfast option since they contain proteins. They reduce the risk of heart disease as well as sugar disease by regulating the blood sugar level and also promote weight loss. So you don’t need to be alarmed about your weight. Bananas contain magnesium, which improves your digestive system and is good for your skin. You can add additional toppings of your choice.


  1. Take a full glass of milk and add the oats in it.
  2. Cook for some time, till the oats become soft and the milk thickens.
  3. Now top it with bananas and you can also add nuts and raisins.

Banana Cream Oats



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