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6 High Calorie Burgers on the Mcdonald’s Menu

As we all know, the trend of eating restaurant food has reached its peak. Most people turn their head towards fast food restaurants if their belly feels hungry. For this purpose, Mcdonald’s has become the first priority as it is famous for the supply of healthy as well as high calories meals.

If you love burgers and are a foodie, then you will not care for calories. This article will surely introduce you to the top high calorie burgers at Mcdonald’s, through which you can experience an amazing level of taste.

  1. Mighty Angus Original:

The mighty Angus Original has secured its top position as a high calorie burger at Mcdonald’s menu, as it contains around 790 calories, which is really high. It can also be considered as a burger with high sodium supply ( 1310mg ). The burger has an amazing mouth watering filling as it has beef patties, cheese slices, special McChicken sauce, grilled onions, as well as bacon. Cheese is also known as a high calorie topping. So people who love the beef and cheese combo must give this burger a try to enjoy its super-duper taste.

Mighty Angus Original

  1. Bacon and Cheddar Angus:

This burger is a little lower in calories as compared to the mighty angus, but both have a similar taste as both contain bacon. One bacon and cheese burger contains around 770 calories and its sodium supply is also high as 1400mg. Its topping also includes bacon, cheese slices, the additional sauces such as mustard, ketchup, and as the name indicates angus burger seasoning. This burger will feed your belly with tender beef and delicious taste.

Bacon and Cheddar Angus

  1. Double Quarter Pounder with cheese:

If you also have great love for cheese, then double quarter pounder is a wonderful choice since It contains double slices of cheese and is rich in calories (770 cal). Come to know its delicious toppings you will not be able to restrain yourself from giving a try to this cheesy burger. The

toppings include two beef patties and two slices of cheese (melted) with onions and pickles along with sesame seed buns. If its calories are too high you can limit the seasoning to only a regular quarter that contains only 510 calories which is also very high as compared to a normal burger. So taste this beef burger to enjoy it with its melted cheese.

Double Quarter Pounder with cheese

  1. Smokehouse BBQ Angus:

If you love to eat grilled meals, then BBQ angus is a great choice. This burger has tender beef patties with delicious smoky BBQ sauce, coleslaw mix and dijon honey mustard sauce. It also contains a single slice of jalapeno jack cheese. As its name will force you to give it a try and enjoy its grilled taste. It is highly emerged in calories (730 cal) although its sodium quantity is low as compared to mighty angus which is a good point because high intake of sodium has bad impacts on your health. It also provides your body 37 grams of fats and 16 grams of sugar.

Smokehouse BBQ is an excellent option to feed your belly with great taste and health.

Smokehouse BBQ Angus

  1. Double Big Mac:

As its name shows, this burger is fed with calories since it contains four beef patties and cheese slices along with other toppings that include onions, pickles, lettuce and Mcdonald’s special sauce. So don’t push yourself from enjoying this if it is available in your region. A double big mac burger contains almost 680 calories that is really high and also supplies your body a high sodium amount (1340 mg). The beef cheese combo with sesame seed buns tasted really wonderful.

Double Big Mac

  1. Gourmet Cheesy Zinger Burger:

Cheesy ginger burger tastes amazing because of its crispy and crunchy meat. Its toppings include cheese slice, zinger, cheesy sauce, special sauce and chicken patty. It is  cheap as well as delicious with less calories as compared to other beef burgers. It is available in almost every region. The cheesy zinger burger has only 400 calories and sodium intake is also

low. Taste this cheesy zinger to enjoy its crispy and creamy zinger chicken.

Gourmet Cheesy Zinger Burger




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